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JaJa's Bizarre Transformer is a 2D bullet hell shooter. The major difference is, player's bullets will bounce when they hit walls. So shoot with caution!

Switch different forms to fight against different types of enemies. Always use your Supreme Shield with Ultimate Mouth Cannon Form(TM) to clear battlefield and save your a**!


Keyboard Control:

Movement: WSAD

Aim: Mouse

Shoot: Left Mouse Button


Switch Form: Q

Supreme Shield With Ultimate Mouth Cannon: E

Joystick Control:

Movement: Left Stick or Cross Button

Aim: Right Stick

Shoot: RT


Switch Form: LT

Supreme Shield With Ultimate Mouth Cannon: Button X

Red Bullet Can Hurt You.

Your Bullets Will Bounce When They Hit Something They Can't Penetrate.

So, DO NOT Keep Shooting.

Q: Switch Form

Some Enemy Only Take Damage From Bullets Shoot From Specific Form, Try Different Forms In Game!

E: Supreme Shield With Ultimate Mouth Cannon.

Supreme Shield Can Consume Bullets, The More You Consume, The Longer Ultimate Mouth Cannon Can Last.

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Published 1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsLudum Dare 35
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JaJaTransformer_1.1.zip 60 MB
JaJaTransformer_1.1.app.zip 73 MB

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