A downloadable Inappropriate Content

Start your career as a game censor and make inappropriate things right.

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OIC: Obviously Inappropriate Content is a story-rich adventure game sets in a fictional Eastern-bloc country called Belkasvenia, where the player, as a game tester, must censor a developing game under government regulation. Developed with inspiration from 'Papers, please', and his real-life experience, OIC explores the origins and development of video game censorship, and how it might affect the video game industry and our society.




The player plays as a game censor hired by the government, and his/her weekly job is to test an RPG game called 'Ural Hero Legend' which is under development. If he/she discovers any bug or anything that violates the censorship regulations, he/she must take a screenshot and report it.

The Story

OIC attempts to bind different game mechanics/story-telling techniques together to serve the narrative and create a unique atmosphere of a fictional historical idea that The Soviet Union still existed in 2008

The Belkasvenian government, ruled by THE SUPREME LEADER, continually implements regulations intended to 'ensure that all video games nurture a healthy and positive culture'.

As the story progresses, the list of censorship regulations keeps growing longer and vaguer. Since the government and the company have opposing interests, the player must try to keep the balance between two sides. They must censor a certain amount of inappropriate content to gain trust from the government, while not causing too much trouble for the company. Different choices by the player lead to different endings.

Thanks @MattShea for made this funny let's play video on YouTube!

(This is an old video but it gives you an idea of where we are coming from!)


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It's been three years since I downloaded the demo! Sadly, I'm of the belief this project has been cancelled; the author's website is no longer available, no updates on twitter, and no devlogs to say otherwise. I do see that the page has been updated recently but I'd figure there'd be a devlog if there was news to be had.

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No, we didn't cancel it and kept working for three years. And it's just released on Steam!

Obviously Inappropriate Content


Awesome to hear and congratulations! I'll be heading over to take a look.

is this game still active? looks hella fun!

what about glasnost

Deleted post

the end of the demo, oh gods, the end of the demo

... and I kinda want Ural Death Machine to be a thing, no censorship required pls


Amazing, nothing else to say.


Interesting idea, enjoyed the experience


What a fantastic game! The concept is also very clever, love it!


Have played the game, it was really good! The story and gameplay were carefully polished, high quality. Can't wait to play the full game!

Thank you so much!


I had so much fun playing this game. It's definitely one of the best games I found on here in a really long time and I am so excited for the full version. 

Thanks for you let's play video! Really happy to see you enjoyed it!

Does not open in Windows 10 Just sits there and sometimes disappears if it opens I will say

Hi! That sounds interesting, could you provide more detail? Did the Configuration Window open before entering the game? Did you manage to enter the game for at least once or the game never started? Have you tried other games which also made with Unity?


cant wait to play the full game

Will try to finish this!

Thank you  i also appreciate that its free 


What a genius concept for a game. Really nice to see something unique like this. Quite eager for the final version of the game~!

Thanks! Will definitely try to finish this!


fuu king amazing game!

Fu k yeah!


Really interesting and cool game.I loved it!Looking forward to the full version.Keep up the good work.  :D

Thanks! Will definitely try to finish this!


Made a video


Awesome, thanks! I like the ending haha


Happy you watched till the end of the video and looking forward to what the full version of the game will be.


Just played the demo, fantastic game, will definetly show the testers at my company :D Wondering if it is a "supposed" bug that the guy always runs to the left or a real one? Anyway, can't wait for the final version, great job!

The guy in red running upside-down is the “supposed” bug, but I don’t remember there is any enemy keeps running to the left. It’s interesting... I will take a look haha

Sorry I meant the player character, not an enemy. As long as I was not pressing "right" he was always running automatically to the left, like the left arrow key got stuck. Was playing with keyboard on windows.


Interested to see how the story progresses and what Vela will do. Sweet work so far. :) 


Awesome! Thanks for your playthrough video! Have a nice one!


Great game!  Very well put together, nice visuals, fun gameplay.  And it's very intriguing.  The ending of the demo especially.  I very much enjoyed this, and I can see there is a great idea here, and a story that I'd love to see the rest of.  But of course I should of known that after playing The Grandfather Machine, great job dev!


GOOOOSH I have never imagined you will actually make it that quick! That's FCUKING AWESOME THANKS DUDE!